Nomi city volunteer inerpreter

From January 6 2013, Nomi city started providing Interpretation Support.
This system is aimed to promote internationalization of the city, and to support residents who are having trouble with Japanese language in their household life and social life. The city will dispatch interpreters to those who are suck at the language wall.
Anyone who lives, works, or studies within the city is eligible for using this support.
Please read the following on the details of how to reserve and apply.

Contact: Tourism and Exchange Division
(Tel: 0761-58-2211) or
Nomi International Exchange Association
(Tel: 0761-57-3751)
*Correspondence and phone contact is available in Japanese and English!
Interpreter support leaflet (in Japanese and English)(PDF/1MB)

About the Interpretation Support
  • Support Content
  • 1. Interpretation at City Hall and other official institutions
    2. Interpretation at city elementary, junior-high and nursery schools
    3. Interpretation at medical facilities within the city
    4. Interpretation at companies within the city
    5. Interpretation at local activities/events that Local Residents Communities or civic groups organize within the city
    6. Interpretation for other needs that the Nomi City Mayor acknowledges

  • How to Apply
  • 1. Fill in the "Nomi City Volunteer for Interpretation Dispatch Application Form" and submit directly to the Nomi International Exchange Association, City Tourism and Exchange Division, the Citizen's Window Division, and the Neagari or Terai Information Center no later than one week before the request date. Or
    2. Send the Application Form to the Nomi International Exchange Association or City Tourism and Exchange Division via E-mail or FAX.

    • Forms are available at the Nomi International Exchange Association, City Tourism and Exchange Division, the Citizen's Window Division, and the Neagari and Terai Information Centers. An electronic form can also be downloaded from the link below.
    • Reservations are required at the latest one week before the request date.
    • Companies and groups requesting for a dispatch of a volunteer interpreter are required to register. Please fill out and submit the "Nomi City Volunteer Interpretation Registration of Usage Application Form" (submission by postal service is accepted).
    • Please note that there may be times where a volunteer interpreter may not be available.
    Download: Interpreter application (personal use)(Excel/64KB)
    Download: Interpreter application (company use) (Excel/28KB)
    Download: Registration of Usage Application Form (company use) (Excel/30KB)

    For interpreters
    Interpreters wanted!
    Nomi city needs volunteer interpreters of different languages to provide the above support. If you are interested in registering as a volunteer interpreter, please see the page below.
    Nomi city Interpretation Support (in Japanese)