03/28 森茂喜氏生誕110周年記念日 (お知らせ)
03/27 4月イベント中止 Events cancelled in April (お知らせ)
03/24 会長からごあいさつ (協会の概要)
03/24 【情報提供】厚生労働省より会社に雇われている外国人の皆さんへ (お知らせ)
03/13 地震 じしん Earthquakes (お知らせ)
03/12 【更新】3月の事業・イベントの中止・延期 (お知らせ)
03/10 保育園訪問の様子が能美市役所Facbookで紹介されました。 (お知らせ)
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Japanese Speech contest
English translation below.
アドマジャ バグストリス (インドネシア)さんは『多様性の尊重』と題して方言も交えながらのスピーチを披露。
チャン ヴァン ソン(ベトナム)さんは『日本での生活における日本語の大切さ』

On Saturday February, 8 the “38th Annual Japanese Speech Contest for Foreign Residents in Ishikawa Prefecture” was held in Rifare. 13 foreign participants have delivered their impassioned speeches.
There were 2 participants from Nomi city, students of local Japanese classes.
Bagus Tris Atmaja san (Indonesia) had a speech “Respecting Diversity”, and he presented it with inclusions in a local dialect.
Tran Van Son san (Vietnam) had a speech entitled “The importance of Japanese language when living in Japan”. He presented what he felt from his personal experiences and accentuated his speech with body and hand gestures.
In general, the Speech Contest was splendid, each and every one contestant’s passion could be felt.
(活動内容) 2020/02/27 10:06

A lecture about Vietnam at Yoshimitsu-machi Elderly Association
English translation below.

On Tuesday February, 11 we have dispatched two Vietnamese who live in the city as volunteers for a General Meeting of an Elderly Association. This was due to a request from Yoshimitsu-machi Elderly Association. A Vietnamese married couple Pham-san and Thu-san did a presentation about Vietnam and also spoke of their impressions of Japan. They also communicated a lot with participants, being asked various questions. Two executive members of the Association accompanied them.
Our Association dispatches lecturers for events like this to promote international understanding. We have requests from schools and local residents’ associations, from various groups in and outside of the city. Events like this are aimed to create close communication between foreign and Japanese citizens and to make a contribution into creation of a multicultural society.

(活動内容) 2020/02/26 12:00


We have made a video abuout the Learning Festival.
Please, take a look!

(活動内容) 2020/02/25 11:20
まなびフェスタ2020「世界を学ぼう!~エッ!と驚く発見が~(^ ^)」

Learn the World! –Surprising discoveries await–(^ ^)
English translation below.
2/16(日) 寺井地区公民館で ‘まなびフェスタ2020’ 『世界を学ぼう! ~エッ!と驚く発見が~(^ ^)』が開催され、64名の方が参加しました。

At the “2020 Learning Festival” held on Sunday February, 16 our Association has conducted an experience class “Learn the World! –Surprising discoveries await–(^ ^)” at Terai District Public Hall. There were 64 participants.
The participants divided into 3 groups and went around 6 booths representing countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, China, Russia and Japan. At Thai and Chinese booths, among other things, they experienced games similar to Japanese “Otedama”, and at a Russian booth a game called “A spider and a fly” similar to Japanese game of “Daruma-san ga koronda”. There were many discoveries, like similarities in games despite of the fact that countries are different, or that national flags of Bangladesh and Japan are similar.
For the Vietnamese bamboo dance both participants and viewers were very excited. Lastly, all the participants joined hands to sing and dance “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”. We had so much fun!

(活動内容) 2020/02/25 11:17
Speech contest participant from Neagari class
English translation below.


Tran Van Son san from JAIST Japanese class conducted on Tuesdays participated in the 38th Annual Japanese Speech Contest for Foreign Resident
in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Son san is from Vietnam, and he has been living in Japan for 4 ears.
His speech theme is “The importance of Japanese language when living in Japan”. The video was taken when he had preliminary practice speaking. Please, take a look!


(活動内容) 2020/02/18 11:00
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