Association president’s Greetings

能美市国際交流協会 会長

-English translation below-
 「どうしましたか? 何か手伝いましょうか。」

Nomi International Exchange Association was established on May 23, 2019. Before it was established, several international exchange organizations that existed in Nomi city have been continuously exchanging information within the framework of Nomi city International Exchange Council, while running their own activities. Together they spend a lot of time discussing the making of Nomi International Exchange Association.
Our Association’s basic belief is that anybody, regardless of the country of origin, as a citizen should be enabled to achieve a peaceful and lively life just like Japanese citizens. And that foreigners and Japanese should be able to interact naturally with each other on a daily life basis.
In order to achieve this, first of all we need a place and a chance to meet. Our Association's programs provide such opportunities available for anyone throughout the year.
Though it may call for a little courage, we aim to make relationships between foreign nationals and Japanese such that they can communicate like:
“Excuse me. I have a problem. Could you help me?”
“What happened? Is there anything I can do?”.
Unfortunately, still many consider “international exchange” and the people involved in it as extraordinary. But it is definitely not so. Actually we can think of it as just another type of “local exchange”.
Even if we were born in different countries, we are all humans. Each and every one should be able to mutually accept others as citizens and as neighbors, and it is natural.
If you need any help to see this idea come true, please feel free to contact our Association.