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We have held a Zoom study session at the Association office recently.
There are still restrictions connected to efforts to limit the spread of New Coronavirus. So presumably online events and online Japanese classes will be more and more in demand from now on.
In such circumstances our Association has conducted a Zoom study session for volunteer support staff of Japanese classes. We had a basic session before, and now it was more practice-oriented. There were 7 participants at the office, and some more participated from their homes.
At the Association office we can provide consultations regarding Zoom installation and usage at any time. We welcome our Association members who are interested, those who would like to try but do not know how to. Please feel free to come and consult. It is not limited to Zoom only, we can answer questions about Skype or Facebook Messenger or other communication means as well. If you just start using tools like these, your abilities for international communication will grow a lot!