International Exchange Salon: Vietnamese New Year
English translation below

Among all of the foreigners living in Nomi city, Vietnamese are the most in numbers. As of October of last year, of 1,443 foreign nationals there were 523 Vietnamese, comprising 36,2% of foreign citizens.
On Saturday January, 25 that was New Year’s day on Vietnamese calendar we conducted an International Exchange Salon at Neagari General Culture Hall. There were more applications than the planned capacity, 73 participants in total (there were about equal numbers of Vietnamese and Japanese). The celebration thus turned into a big success. There were even participants from far away – Niigata and Toyama prefectures.
First, there was a presentation about New Year in Vietnam, and then we had traditional New Year Bánh chưng (rice cakes) and rare sweets. Next, we had a lot of communication through popular Vietnamese games. There were group competitions where anybody from young to old could enjoy the contents. Everybody sang Japanese and Vietnamese songs, and in the end there was a dancing competition and a Bingo game with wonderful presents.
This time the event was planned mainly by local Vietnamese. We would like to thank all of the people who helped.
At the next Salon we will enjoy Chinese New Year. Please make sure to apply beforehand!