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Regarding the New Coronavirus Infection
An Important Notice to Citizens

Today, an Extra Number of Nomi City News Letter was published.
Below is an abstract containing a message from Nomi city mayor, main contents of the Extra Number and an announcement regarding extra school holidays.

Regarding the New Coronavirus Infection
An Important Notice to Citizens

Mayor’s message
Dear citizens, I sincerely thank you for your constant understanding and support of Nomi City administration.
There have been confirmed cases of New Coronavirus in Ishikawa prefecture, too. Nomi City has established the New Coronavirus Response Headquarters and is doing its best, putting all of the administration effort to insure health and safety of all of the citizens.
As it is stated in the general policy proclaimed by the government, right now is the crucial period of time to contain the infection. In order to prevent the spread of the infection, all of the events conducted by the City and its related bodies that include an unspecified large number of participants gathering and events for the elderly have been postponed or cancelled, or have been reduced in scale. We have also decided to proclaim extra vacation before the time of the usual spring vacation at all of the city’s elementary and junior high schools in order to prevent the infection of the children.
It is also required that each and every citizen is aware and takes personal action to prevent infection. Please be thorough with usual infection prevention measures, including washing hands often, following the “coughing etiquette”, etc. Even if you don’t have a mask, washing your hands well is effective. Try to avoid unnecessary going out. When indoors, avoid spending more than a certain period of time in a place where you cannot keep your distance from others. Most of all we ask the risk group of the elderly and persons with chronic diseases to avoid crowded places as much as possible.
All of the citizens must unite in measures to prevent the spread of the New Coronavirus. We kindly ask all of you for your help with spread prevention in order to protect your families and friends.
The circumstances are changing daily and hourly. Nomi City will continue its efforts in cooperation with the country, the prefecture and other affiliated bodies and will use all of its powers to prevent the spread of the infection.

March 2020
Nomi city mayor Toshiaki IDE

Contents of the extra number
Regarding the extra vacation at elementary and junior high schools
○Regarding the Walking Race Championships and related events
○Regarding the 5th Anniversary of Nomi Neagari Station event
○Regarding the work of the facilities
○A list of cancelled or postponed activities and events in March
○Daily life points to beware of regarding the New Coronavirus infection

Regarding the extra vacation at elementary and junior high schools
According to the request by the country, Nomi city elementary and junior high schools will have an extra vacation as specified below. We will update the information as soon as there are any developments, so we ask all of the guardians to make sure to check the announcements and mails.
From afternoon of Monday March, 2 for a necessary period of time (maximum till Tuesday March, 24)

Regarding the daily life of children and pupils during vacation
・Basically, everyone should study at home.
・City libraries, children centers, community centers, public gyms are unavailable,
・All of the extracurricular activities and clubs at junior high schools are suspended for the period of vacation.

Regarding the after-school children clubs
If you have no choice but to use an after-school children club, please consult the corresponding club.