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所在地	 能美市寺井町ヨ47番地(寺井地区公民館1階)
時 間	 9:15~18:00
開業日	 火曜日~日曜日
休業日	 月曜日・祝日
会 長	 喜多泉
副会長	 瀧上秀明、細坪裕子
事務局長 仲井直子


① 相談窓口対応の充実   テレビ電話通訳サービスや多言語翻訳機タブレットを導入予定   外国人職員の雇用とボランティア通訳制度の運営により、充実した通訳、翻訳、派遣に対応できる体制を構築

② 国際交流サロン、地域活動事業の充実   各種サロン、催事を多数実施し、いつでも誰でも気軽に交流し合える機会を創出

③ 国際理解活動、啓発活動の充実   日本人市民向け国際理解・多文化共生講座の開催   外国人市民向け日本文化・衣食住体験講座の開催

④ 日本語教室の充実   寺井会場を新規開講   日本語教室スタッフ養成講座の開催


Foundation of Nomi International Exchange Association

Nomi International Exchange Association was established at a Foundation General Meeting held at Tatsunokuchi Welfare Hall on May, 23, 2019 (1st year of Reiwa). Our office opened on the next day of May, 24th on the first floor of Terai District Public Hall. The Association’s aim is to develop safe and comfortable community for increasing number of foreigners that work and live in Nomi city, by means of working together on their problems and needs. We will promote active interexchange activities in order to strengthen mutual understanding of foreigners and Japanese.

●Association overview
Location: 1st Floor of Terai District Public Hall, Yo 47, Terai machi, 
          Nomi city
Office hours: 9:15 to 18:00 Tuesday to Sunday. 
Closed on Mondays and Holidays
Chairperson: Izumi KITA
Vice chairperson: Hideaki TAKIGAMI, Yuko HOSOTSUBO
Executive Director: Naoko NAKAI

●Major features
1. Intensification of consultation services
Videophone interpretation service and multilingual translation 
tablets are to be introduced.
Interpretation and translation services will be provided by 
foreign staff and volunteer interpreters system. 
We provide interpretation, written translations, interpreters 
2. Intensification of activities such as International Exchange 
Salon and local community activities
We will provide opportunities for everyone to communicate freely 
in a relaxed atmosphere by means of various salon activities and 
3. Intensification of activities for raising international 
understanding and awareness
International understanding and multicultural coexistence classes 
for Japanese residents
Japanese culture, clothing, food and living experience classes 
for foreign residents
4. Intensification of Japanese language classes
A new class at Terai opened
Japanese language class staff training courses held